Karaoke Machines For Parties

One of the best ways to spice up any party is to invite your guests to participate in karaoke. You may be thinking that your friends might not be up for it, but fear not, this is nothing that a couple of cocktails or beers can’t fix!

Karaoke machines are ideal for parties because they are interactive – this means that your guests are not just watching the entertainment, they are the entertainment!  As the host, watching your guests enjoy themselves and having a great laugh can be a very rewarding experience.

Once the singing begins, you will also want to make sure that the fun continues to flow without technical glitches. The key to hosting a hassle-free event is to choose a suitable type of unit and to do some simple planning before your guests arrive.

Choosing A Great Karaoke Machine

Some of the best features to look out for in a karaoke machine include:

  • Functionality: easy to set up and use
  • Group friendly: minimum of 2 microphones
  • Sound: good quality microphones
  • User-friendly instructions
  • Song choice: comprehensive song catalog
  • Long-term use: ability to add new songs
  • Pitch: key changing ability
  • Tempo control
  • Competition: point scoring ability

There are many types of karaoke machines to choose from and you can make a simple purchase decision by working out which features appeal to you and your guests the most. Based on my experience as a karaoke host, I believe that a great machine should be easy to operate and there should be a good range of songs to choose from. Most karaoke participants will be happy to overlook some of the fancier features as long as they get to have a go.

Prior to making your purchase, its also important to have a budget in mind. There are some amazing-looking karaoke machines out there with impressive functionality, but having all the bells and whistles may also come at a high price tag. Once you’ve decided what you’re prepared to spend, its highly likely that you’ll find something suitable within your price range, especially if you’re prepared to purchase your machine online.

Planning Your Karaoke Party

Once you’ve selected and purchased your karaoke machine, you can start preparing to host an awesome event. Its a good idea to spend some time familiarizing yourself with your newly acquired gadget: learn how to turn the unit on and off, find out how to select and change songs, and learn how to turn on any extra features such as point scoring, key changing etc (and don’t be afraid to read the instruction manual!).

To get your guests singing as early as possible at the party, you can also pre-arrange the following:

  • Turn your unit on early in the day and charge your microphones if necessary.
  • Cut up song request slips where participants can write: their name, the song name & the song number. This will speed up the song selection process on the night.
  • Ask a friend, couple or group (in advance) to sing the opening song – try not to ask professional singers as this might discourage your guests from having a go! Ideally ask someone who is a bit of a “clown”.
  • Send around songs lists throughout the function so that your guests can start to think about which song/s they might like to sing.

By following these simple steps, you’ll boost your chances of hosting an unforgettable event.

If you’ve ever attended or hosted a successful karaoke party, please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Yours in song,